Certified Testing, Commissioning & Maintenance Solutions

Ontech Engineering is a certified Provider of Testing, Commissioning, and Maintenance Solutions for Power Plants, Substations, and Process Plants.We specialize in a wide range of voltage classes, from 415V to 765kV, serving the Power and Industry sectors. Our expertise and commitment have established us as a trusted service provider in the field of testing and commissioning, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Relay Coordination and Testing

Relay coordination, Configuration,Testing & commissioning of all types of Numerical Relays.

Testing & Commissioning

Comprehensive Electrical Testing & Commissioning: LV to 765kV Equipment (Switchgears, Switchyards, GIS, Transformers, etc.)

Thermography Inspection

Thermography Inspection for Hot spot detection.

IV Curve Tracing

IV curve tracing of PV Modules/strings in Solar Power Plants.

Skilled Manpower Supply

Skilled Man power Supply for Operation & Maintenance Of Various Sectors.

Annual Maintenance Services

Annual Maintenance of Electrical Equipment’s.

Design Engineering

Design Engineering/Validation.

Training Programs

Various Training Programs To Students, Faculties And Industrial Personnel.

If you want to know anything, ask us

What is testing and commissioning?

Testing and commissioning is the process of verifying that an electrical or solar system is safe, reliable, and performing at its optimum level. This is important for ensuring that the equipment is functioning properly, and that it meets all relevant safety and regulatory standards.

What types of equipment do you test and commission?

We test and commission a wide range of electrical and solar equipment, including solar panels, inverters, batteries, transformers, switchgear, and protection relays, among others.

How long does the testing and commissioning process usually take?

The duration of the testing and commissioning process depends on the size and complexity of the equipment being tested. Generally, the process can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

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